Monday, October 17, 2005


Dear Artists
I am writing to invite you to participate in our next More Fools in Town project "Sold Out (Svenduto)" which will open on November 12 in Turin, the same week as the Artissima art fair and the new Triennale di Torino.
As you may know, More Fools in Town is a collaborative project of A Constructed World (Jacqueline Riva + Geoff Lowe) and I. More Fools in Town organizes exhibitions and events in an apartment in the center of Turin in a responsive and impulsive way that seeks a wider audience. It is a lo-fi, lo-hi energy interface with big aims. To see previous projects you can go to
Our next project, "Sold Out", will focus on artworks that lie in the space between objects that can’t be sold and works that have no object. The idea for this project really comes, somewhat, from thinking about the works of Cesare Pietroiusti, where he has made prints that are signed but then inscribed with a text informing the owner that if they sell the work his signature will be ineffectual and the work will be worth nothing at all. And on the other hand the work of Tino Sehgal, performance works acted out by a performer that can be bought by the collector, who, in effect, receives nothing for the work - no object, no certificate.
What creates value? Can value created by the experience of an artwork escape commodification? Is there any space to generate another kind of experience in an alterior space? We have looked to find ways to represent this in previous editions.
We’d like you to contribute a work or a gesture or whatever you think appropriate. The exhibition will include works by around 15 artists from around the world. The weblog will be utilized to document the proposals and the show and any other comments.
The MFIT project is a self-funded initiative. The project is generated by the enthusiasms of the artists and those involved. If your work this time is an object we can cover postal costs both ways. Each edition contains a local component something from afar and an item about food.
The time frame is very short for putting this exhibition together, so we look forward to your reply and to your thoughts and we very much hope you can be involved.
All the best
Charlotte Laubard + Jacqueline Riva + Geoff Lowe