Tuesday, December 09, 2014


After a number of year the next in house project of A Constructed World is

salon Jackie at atelier a constructed world

salon Jackie wants friendly, wants likely, is against lonely, wants a knowledge that is not bashful or pudique. salon Jackie is the world as one-on-one.
It starts with ghostly channeling. It loves saying what no one else will let you. It’s a live podcast delivered to a group of friends without the inhibition that no one is listening. It’s anti-racist, it’s gay and wants all types of friends. It might be twelve people making a performance to an audience of one. It seeks not to delay or hold anyone up, if you’re busy we really don’t mind.
Like a group meeting in a wardrobe, we wanna do what we wanna do. We could listen to the radio together live. In Paris salon Jackie has no geography and talks enthusiastically in the middle of the night. It's in another cupboard. It’s a nightclub in our minds, we could dance and not talk, or not talk and dance or not dance at all.
salon Jackie offers recovery from jet lag and internet fatigue. It treats every language in a formalist way because it doesn’t understand any so well, we just like the shapes! salon Jackie welcomes singing. salon Jackie is too tired for utopia and likes the singular. salon Jackie is an endless ways of being together as a text and an art form.